Spec/X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease
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PRODUCT # 10301, 10305, 10316, 10330, 10335
NLGI Grade: 2 GC-LB

Lucas X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease Is The End Result Of Years Of Research And A Brand New Technology.This Grease Is A Shear Stable Product With Exceptional Extreme Pressure Characteristics And Is Virtually Waterproof.

It's Recommended For Steel Mills, Off- Road Equipment, Fleet And Commercial Applications. It Has Excellent Mobility At Low Temperatures.

Test Results


Thickener Type     Polyurea
Texture     Smooth
Color     Green
Penetration Worked   D-2665  285
Dropping Point °F(°C) Min.   D-1831  500(260)
Water Washout % Loss Max   D-1264  10.0
Rust Prevention   D-1743  Pass
Copper Corrosion, Rating   D-4048  1b
Oxidation Stability, PSI Loss Max   D-942  5
Oil Separation % Loss, Max    D-1742  5.0
4-Ball Weld Point   D-2596  400
Load Wear Index, Kqf.   D-2596  50
Timken OK Load, Lbs   D-2509  60
Base Oil Characteristics     
Viscosity @ 100°C cSt   D-445  14.5
Viscosity @ 40°C cSt   D-445  14.5
Viscosity @ 210°F SUS   D-445  65.0
Viscosity @ 100°F SUS   D-445  675
Viscosity Index     70




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