Spec/50 Plus Racing Oil
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 Lucas 50 Plus is super slick to reduce friction and increase efficiency for maximum RPMs. It is fortified with special anti-foam agents to guard against oil cavitation at high RPMs. It is especially designed to resist breakdown from contamination by racing fuels, even alcohol formulations.


Test Results


API Gravity D-1298 25.2
Specific Gravity D-1298 .9030
Density @ 60°F LBS/US Gal D-1298 7.519
Viscosity @ 100°C cSt D- 445 20.0
Viscosity Index D-2270 100
Flash Point COC°F D- 92 400°
Clear Brown
Zinc (Wt.%)



Lucas SAE 50wt Plus Racing Oil

Lucas SAE 50wt Plus Racing Oil

Lucas SAE 50wt Plus Racing Oil
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Special Lubricity Agents, Anti-Wear Agents and Heat Dispersents. Excellent Resistance to Fuel Dilution.

The "PLUS" is for the extra additives above and beyond the normal additive package found in ordinary racing oils. This true high performance lubricant was specially developed to protect top fuel engines. This was tested extensively on the 1996 NHRA circuit and every crew who used it claimed it to be the "BEST". 50 PLUS resists fuel dilution like no other oil possibly can. It allows you to maintain oil pressure from one end of the track to the other. If you're into "NITRO" you definitely need to be into LUCAS 50 PLUS.

Key Benefits:

  • Has extra additives over and above regular racing oils
  • Resists breakdown from racing fuel contamination
  • Resists oxidation and thinning out at high crank-case temperatures
  • Contains a high level of detergents and dispersants
  • Resists sludge and varnish formations

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