Lucas Oil Synthetic  10w30 Motor Oil
Lucas Oil Synthetic  10w30 Motor Oil
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Lucas Oil Synthetic SAE 10w-30 Provides The Consistent Viscosity Needed For Prescision ET Racing. Lucas Synthetic SAE 10w-30 Is a Formulation of Only The Finest Light Synthetic Base Oils Plus An Exclusive Additive Package That Includes Lubricity Agents And Anti-Seize Agents That Control Drag Like A Zero Weight Oil And Protects Like A Heavy Multi-Viscosity Oil. It's the perfect non-foaming lubricant for high RPM go-cart and
motorcycle engines. It's Also Excellent For Normal Highway Use. Lucas Synthetic SAE 10w-30 Is The Perfect Lubricant For Extreme Low Temperatures Or Extreme High Temperatures And Will Blend With Other Synthetic Or Regular Motor Oils. Just BlendA Quart Or Two Into Your Conventional Motor Oil For Easier Starting And Longer Oil Life. Meets or exceeds all manufacturers specifications for SAE10W-30 and APISL and ILSACGF3. Exceeds A3/B3/B4 � SM/SL/SJ/CF. Exceeds American And Euorpean OEM Specifications And Exceeds Performance Levels of API SM/SL/SJ/CF ACEA A.98 B3.98 B4.98 VW 500/502/505 Daimler Chrysler 229.1 BMW Longlife Oil.

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