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Lucas 70 WT Plus Racing OilLucas 70 WT Plus Racing OilLucas 70 WT Plus is formulated to resist oxidation and "thinning out" at
high temperatures.

 Lucas 70 WT Plus has special anti-wear additives for film forming to protect against scuffing and wear. It is especially designed to resist breakdown from alcohol and nitromethane fuel contanmination.

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Lucas Junior Dragster/Karting OilLucas Junior Dragster/Karting Oil
Lucas Junior Dragster/Karting Oil

Lucas Junior Dragster/Karting Oil

Lucas Junior Dragster Racing Oil is designed for JR. Dragsters and Quarter Midgets Race Cars. This high-performance 5w-20 synthetic blend is developed for high RPMs naturally aspirated gasoline and alcohol engines.

Key benefits:
100% Syntheti
Lucas Oil Semi-Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATFLucas Oil Semi-Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF

Lucas Semi-Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Is Comparible With Synthetic And Conventional Fluids.

Recommended For Use In Both New And Older Vehicles

Lucas Oil Multi-Vehicle ATF provides today's transmission with excellent oxidation stability,

foam resistance, rust and corrosion inhibition properties,

wear protection and heat resistance while providing

smooth shifting and eliminating chatter.

Lucas Semi-Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Fluid is not recommend for use in CVT, Ford Type F, MB 236.12 And Allison TES-295


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