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Lucas Anti Gel TreatmentLucas Anti Gel Treatment

Lucas Anti - Gel Cold Weather Diesel Treatment With Real Water Dispersants. Is Designed Especially To Prevent Cold Filter Plugging, Fuel Thickening And Gelling In ULSD, Diesel And Bio-Diesel Fuels. The Product Is Manufactured With The Higest Quality Components To Provide Maximum Performance. It Contains Real Water Dispersants To Effectively Remove Moisture From The Entire Fuel System. It Does Not Contain Alcohol And Will  Not Void OEM Warranties And Has No Harmful Effects On Diesel Particulate Filters. One Half Gallon Treats 300 Gallons Of Fuel And Lowers The Cold Filter Plugging Point To -10 Degrees.

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Lucas Fuel StabilizerLucas Fuel Stabilizer

Lucas Fuel Stabilizer Prevents Fuel Degradation During Storage

Lucas Oil Fuel Stabilizer will prevent the formation of gum and varnish in your gasoline up to 15 months when used as directed.

Lucas Fuel Stabilizer will help keep your carburetor, fuel injectors, and fuel line clean. So you do not have to drain the fuel during storage. Giving you quick starts after storage.

Safe to use in all grades of gasoline and in all 2 and 4 cycle engines. Easy to use application rate, 1 oz. treats 1 gallon.

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Lucas Octane BoosterLucas Octane Booster

Lucas Octane Booster Is A Genuine Performance Enchancer. It Has Been Tested And Proven To Deliver At Least Three Times More Boost Than Most Other Brands. It Is Suitable For Use In Fuel Injected, Carbureted, Throttle Body And Rotary Engines.It's SafeFor Turbos, Oxygen Sensors And Catalytic Converters. Lucas Octane Booster Eliminates Spark Knocks, Pinging And Dieseling. It Promotes Clean Fuel Burn For Fewer Emissions And More MPG. Use With Each Fill-up For Maximum Performance And Fuel Mileage.

It Treats Up To 25 Gallons of Leaded Or Unleaded Gasoline. Lucas Octane Booster Contains Specific Upper Cyclinder Lubricants That Ensure Easier Piston Travel And Valve Seat Protection. It Also Ensures Maximum Life And Performance From Pumps, Injectors And Carburetors. Lucas Octane Booster Is Safe For Use In Any Engine On The Track Or On The Street. Remember: When Comparing Other Brands of Octane Booster, 10 Points Equal Only One Octane Number

Lucas Oil Fuel TreatmentLucas Oil Fuel Treatment

Lucas Fuel Treatment Contains No Harmful Solvents Or Alcohol. A Fuel Additive That Really Does Clean Gasoline Injectors And Diesel Injectors, Helping Your Engine To Burn Clearer With Fewer Emissions. Lucas Fuel Treatment Is formulated For Gasoline, Diesel And LPG Engines. This Product Is A Blend Of Heat Resistant, Super Slick Oils And Additives With A High Detergent Action That Cleans And Lubricates The Fuel System. It Negates The Harmful Effects Of Reformulated Gasoline Especially In Older Automobiles And 2 Cycle Engines. Use The Lucas Fuel Treatment In Your Diesel Engines To Neutralize The Harmful Effects Of Ulta Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel. This Product Will Raise MPG.


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