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Lucas Engine Oil Stop LeakLucas Engine Oil Stop LeakLucas Engine Oil Stop Leak Contains No Harmful Solvents. Designed To Stop Leaks In Engines, Transmissions And Differentials. It Is Compatible With Petroleum, Semi-Synthetic And Full Synthetic Motors Oils. Renewing Your Worn Seals With No Risk Of Damage Or Eventual Corrosion. It is also an exceptional additive for worn and older engines, reducing engine noise and oil comsumption while raising oil pressure and can actually extend engine oil life by 50% or more.

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Lucas H/D Oil StabilizerLucas H/D Oil StabilizerWhat does Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer do?

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer works in several ways to promote the health of any engine:

It seals the cylinders in order to keep oil from getting into the combustion chamber and being burned. It consists of 100% petroleum, having no alcohol or solvents, which makes it environmentally friendly and gives it the ability to safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, including synthetic oil. It is good for use in both gasoline and diesel engines.It is designed to retain its viscosity and resist thinning out at high temperatures which enabling the engine to run more smoothly and efficiently. This product is so beneficial that it is recommended for use with every oil change at a 20 / 80 ratio. It can even be used in brand new engines. 

Lucas Oil Synthetic H/D Oil StabilizerLucas Oil Synthetic H/D Oil StabilizerLucas Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer reduces frication for more power and more MPG. It eliminates dry starts in new engines and provides the extra protection needed for import and domestic engines requiring newer light engines oils. Lucas Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer was originally designed for the racing industry. Lighter, slick and long lasting with a film strength that stands up to high temperatures and pressures in extreme situations and since it's pure synthetic, it will not void warranties.

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